Mickey Sherman

Law Bio and History

Former public defender and prosecutor, Mickey Sherman is a criminal defense lawyer who has represented clients in a very wide range of criminal cases. His innovative courtroom and trial techniques have been the subject of feature articles in the New York Times, National Law Journal, The American Lawyer, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair and other publications. In 1986, the New York Times questioned whether he "undercut the entire jury system" when he hired a juror from a deadlocked rape jury to sit through the retrial of the same defendant as his consultant. After the second trial, the Connecticut Legislature passed a statute making such a tactic a misdemeanor!

His successful defense of a Vietnam veteran in a murder trial using the post-traumatic stress disorder defense was one of the first Court TV trials and the subject of half-hour productions on CBS's Verdict, NBC's Dateline and a BBC series entitled, America on Trial. He represented Alex Kelly, the Darien, CT man who fled to Europe for 9 years before his double rape trial. After Kelly's return from Switzerland, Sherman served as his witness in his trials, testifying as to the reasonableness of his fear of not being afforded a fair trial.

His cases have been featured on Dateline, 48 Hours, Court TV, America’s Most Wanted, Law & Order and pretty much everything else except the Food Network. Mickey has been portrayed on Law & Order, two TV movies and he is a recurring character in three of James Patterson’s books, most recently “The 6th Target” a #1 on the NYT Best Seller list. He plays himself in the recent Barry Levinson film, “Man of the Year,” starring Robin Williams.

Mickey represented Michael Skakel, the recently convicted accused in the 27-year-old Martha Moxley murder case in Connecticut, subject of 3 books and a TV miniseries. A frequent lecturer on Criminal Justice issues, he can be found each night doing commentary on MSNBC, CNBC, Court TV, Fox News, CNN, and ABC etc. He is employed by CBS News as their Legal Analyst, regularly appearing on the CBS Early Show and the CBS Evening News.